Spinning on the bull

One of the floor mosaics of the splendid Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II connecting the Piazza del Duomo and the Piazza della Scala in Milan is the emblem of Turin, the bull. According to a Milan tradition spinning on the bull brings good luck. However some say that one needs to made a wish while spinning and that will definitely come true. One way or another this tradition is daily followed by hundreds of visitors of the gallery, mostly tourists. As a result the image of the bull requires a restoration every year.


The Antique Market along the banks of the Naviglio Grande, Milan

The Antique Market takes place last Sunday of every month, except for July, along the banks of the Naviglio Grande, the most ancient canal of Milan. It monthly gathers more than 380 selected exhibitors, and attracts approximately 150.000 antique lovers and tourists. Here you can find pieces of furniture, kitchen items, china, glass, silverware, clothes and accessories, toys, radios, cameras, bronze items, sculptures, paintings, drawings, books - the full picture the 20s-50s of the previous century.
During the exhibition all the pubs and restaurants as well as art workshops of the area are open, that makes the visit to the event even more pleasurable.
The next antique market will take place on October, 28. Don’t miss it!
By subway: green line, Porta Genova stop